JAROSLAW T. DELUGA | Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1964. Photographer and photojournalist with 30-years long professional experience. His career included assignments for various publications and photo agencies located in Poland and the United States. His articles and photos have been published by Nowy Dziennik Polish Daily News (NYC), Dziennik Polski, Chicago Express, Tribune de Geneve, Women’s Basketball, and IFS Magazine. Former member of the photojournalistic organizations: Foreign Press Association of NY, National Press Photographers Association, and White House News Photographers Association. Founder and the first President of the Polish Photographers Club of America (1998-1999). Grand Master of the Canon Photography Masters (1997). The personal photographer to Prime Minister Marek Belka and Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz (2004-2006). Exhibitions in Berlin, Cracow, New York and Warsaw. Specializing in photojournalism, landscape and nature photography – black & white by choice…

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